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James Ward, authorJames Ward is an international operative, entrepreneur and world traveler. After a career in the international military-industrial complex, Ward now devotes full time to his first love – writing fiction. His understanding of the tools of modern warfare, especially of clandestine operations permeates his novels. His fascination for the cultural and religious traditions of diverse nations colors his story lines.  His books include the six book series Bob Steck: Adventures of a Spymaster as well as several historical novels and the children’s book A Seagull Named Celeste. Ward is an avid outdoorsman and sport fisherman. He resides with his wife, children and grandchildren in coastal New England, USA.


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  1. bossauthor says:

    May 15, 2014 We’ve expanded our offering to include historical fiction and some non-fiction. New pages will be added to this site soon. Also, don’t forget to see the latest Bob Steck novel, Eve of Destruction – Operation Able Archer, by James Ward. Sales of this thrilling account of our closest brush with nuclear war, based on a true story, have now surpassed all the other Steck novels.
    Don’t forget to patronize your local independent bookstore!

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