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Eagle in the Storm by James Ward Eagle in the Storm: Book one in a series following the career of CIA Spymaster Bob Steck. Its 1971. Greenhorn agent Bob Steck arrives at the U.S. embassy in Tehran on his first assignment to learn his new Boss has just been murdered. His heart stops when he finds himself appointed as the new CIA bureau chief. He perceives the coming revolution and tries to warn Washington but his news is ignored by politicians whose only interest is to sell airplanes and buy oil. As the disaster unfolds, Steck has to fight his way out of the country to save his embassy staff.
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Eve of Destruction by James Ward
Eve of Destruction: Operation Able Archer — 1983 is a time of heady confidence in Washington but a time of creeping paranoia in the Kremlin. Unwittingly, Ronald Reagan’s bravado and Yuri Andropov’s delusions combine, to bring the world to the brink of nuclear war; closer to destruction then even the Cuban missile crisis. Agent Bob Steck perceives the signs of impending disaster while working on a joint CIA — MI6 operation. The date is set for a first strike. Can he uncover enough evidence to prevent nuclear holocaust?
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Weapons of the Prophets by James Ward
Weapons of the Prophets: What if the PLO had replaced Yassir Arafat with a leader wise in statesmanship and un-corrupt, a political leader with knowledge of military tactics and modern weaponry? Weapons of the Prophets follows a fictional scenario where Palestine, free of Hamas and dedicated to establishment of a Palestinian State is led toward independence by just such a charismatic figure. The world holds its breath as a battered and desperate Israel considers the unthinkable. The story is told against the backdrop of Old City Jerusalem, its cultural struggles, its intrigues. This is fiction that draws on current events during the period of 1979 to 1995. Many of the events in this story are ‘as reported’ in the international media. What happens here could easily have come to pass. Book three in a series.
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The Hand of the Prophet by James Ward The Hand of the Prophet: A mysterious cast figure, The Hand of Mohammed, is stolen resulting in the murder of an FBI agent. Bob Steck and the Jump Team, a joint CIA/FBI anti-terrorist group, chase the thieves who try to sell The Hand to terrorists. He who possesses the hand receives free passage and immunity across the Muslim world. Steck must get it before the next Bin Laden does. Steck hires mercenaries to help. The Hand is offered in an international underworld auction. Then the shooting starts. Book four in the series following the career of CIA Spymaster Bob Steck.
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Bad Dogs Running by James Ward
Bad Dogs, Running: Sequel to The Hand of the Prophet. A sniper assassinates an executive in Hong Kong. The chief of Hong Kong police homicide division asks old friend Bob Steck to help investigate the crime. Steck is building a case against a company that is scamming the defense industry, selling false IED detectors to the third world. He realizes there’s a connection between the crimes, and runs straight into old adversary Paul Roche, a rogue agent who has escaped Steck and his team for years. Both Steck and Roche resolve to settle the score and end it here and now. Book five in a series.
The Damascus Factor
The Damascus Factor: A world famous Iranian physicist turned jihadi plots an attack on the world’s satellite communications. Her plan will tear down the world’s economy, killing hundreds of thousands of people in the process. Bob Steck and a newly formed clandestine service discover the plan and must stop the attack to save our way of life. The action takes place against the backdrop of Iran’s repressive regime and spreads to war torn Syria, Iraq and ISIS. This is the sixth and final book of the top selling series following the career of CIA Spymaster Bob Steck.
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