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ANI by James A. Ward ANI: 1943: The world is at war. Europe suffers under the madman Hitler. Fear of Nazi attacks on Cape Ann, north of Boston, turns to hatred of local citizens of German descent. A young man is left alone to care for his sick mother when his father, a former German naval officer suddenly disappears leaving the family in extreme poverty. The lad finds new friends; an old man who is a guard at the local watch tower and a reclusive middle-aged European woman who becomes his mentor. After a murder at the tower, the young man is a prime suspect. The story suddenly shifts as its poignant resolution unfolds.
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A Natural Gentleman by James Ward A Natural Gentleman: The year is 1702. Puritan culture is firmly established in the area around Ipswich, formerly called Agawam by Native Americans. European ways have supplanted those of the Agawams, bringing the societal calamities of pestilence, European arrogance, and bigotry toward Native American culture. A young half-breed is offered an unusual opportunity to break free of the lowest class, to be educated as a gentleman of English society and perhaps to become part of Ipswich Gentry. His personal struggle to gain acceptance is interrupted by a quest to free his sea captain father from captivity by pirates and by his love for a woman far above his social station. In the midst of all this turmoil and adventure, can he acquire the best of two vastly different cultures, and become…A Natural Gentleman?
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